Electronics manufacturing services (EMS)

PCB Assembly

After completion of design of the printed circuit board, we offer the possibility of assembly of PCB. It is always benefit as we already know the board and all specifics needed for assembly. 

Our services:

  • Assembly by SMD Machine
  • Glue or solder paste assembly 
  • THT components assembly
  • Installation of heatsinks and other mechanical elements
  • Controls after the assembly
  • Assembly even prototypes as well as mass production


Once the assembly of PCB is done, it is the turn for soldering. We offer various soldering options and the method you can select depends mainly on the type of PCB. We can help you to choose the best for you.

Our services:

  • Soldering with PB and PB Free
  • Machine soldering by Kirsten Jet solder wave
  • Machine soldering by Vapour Phase Reflow
  • Machine soldering by conventional reflow
  • Manual soldering
  • Cleaning after soldering, conformal coating


According to customer requirements, every single printed circuit board is tested. PCB with microcomputer components can be programmed. There is also possibility to test electronic in environmental chamber.

Our services:

  • Board bring up
  • Testing in environmental chamber  
  • Programming of PCB
  • Testing of nominal values
  • Stability testing of electronic 
  • Functional product test
  • Power failure Testing and ESD discharge


Each product must meet certain standards. We can provide pre-certification measurements in the house and the final measurement is made in state test institutions. The result of the measurement is the certificate and a declaration of conformity. 

Our services:

  • Pre-certification measurement
  • EMC / EMI measurement
  • Safety testing
  • Elaboration of a declaration of conformity
  • ESD discharge testing


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