Custom electronic design services

Unique solutions for challenging technical tasks


HHES provide custom electronic design services from idea to final product. It covers the Schematic design, simulation, PCB layout, prototyping, boards, ordering the components, PCB assembly, testing and providing final product to our customer. We can also support with software, measuring EMC and help to certify the final product.

PCB assembly

HHES provide excellent PCB assembly services in express 48hours or standard lead time, turnkey solution from sourcing components to final product assembly and testing.

Complex services

HHES is able to meet a wide demand thanks of the complexity of our services. If you have an idea about the device and you want to know how to implement it, do not hesitate to contact us and we will show what is needed and provide you also necessary documentation.

Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us and we make sure that the devices develop in accordance with customer´s requirements and vision. We use modern technologies, high quality materials and together, with many years of experience we have a solution for you.


The aim of the consultation is to create the best specification of the product and processes based on the client's requirement to fully consider his criteria and limitations. It opens up space for new ideas, to which we give an answer and a real picture.


It is especially a conceptual solution of the product and POC – Proof of Concept. The development of electronic equipment consists of the design of the product scheme itself, calculations, simulations, tests, selection of suitable components and material, up to the production of a prototype.


By producing the first prototypes, we will give the life to product and perform a set of tests to examine we achieve the required outputs and meet the criteria. At this stage, we can detect potential risks and eliminate them at the beginning of production. If the prototype meets all of the criteria, it is ready for certification.


Long experience with local and foreign certification institutions, for example in Bratislava, Banská Bystrica, but also in Canada – Vancouver, give us advantage and we can ensure the whole process of certification in our direction. From reservation of the measurement, through entire process of measurement itself and preparation of necessary documentation.

Mass Production

There is nothing that can keep a certified product from being produced in quantities demanded by client and provided to final consumer. We can ensure all production on our own as we have the necessary equipment.

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