PCB Assembly from 48 hours

We know that time and perfect quality are the main commodity these days. That's why we offer PCB assembly in TOP quality in 48 hours after delivery of PCB, templates and components.

You don't have to wait 3 or more weeks to assembly your PCB!

PCB is populated and soldered by machines when it comes to SMT assembly. We also offer two-sided PCB and mixed PCB SMD + THT.

Do not hesitate to contact us anytime for a price bid: pcbassembly@hhes.sk pcbassembly@hhes.sk



What production data do we need?

Pick and place file

The Pick and place file contains information about the relative positions of the components on the PCB. Our operator prepare manufacturing data for SMT line. We prefer .csv file in metric units (mm).

Assembly drawing

Assembly drawing is usually a pdf file. The key is that components with polarity have a marked beginning or pin 1.

Bill of material BOM

The bill of material must contain the following parameters: Manufacturer, Manufacturer PN, Quantity and Designator. Optional parameters for BOM are Comment, Description, Footprint, and Value. Select DNP (Do-not-populate) components that you wish not to assembly.

Generate a pick and place file in an Altium Designer design environment:

Fig.: 1 File -> Assembly Outputs -> Generate pick and place file

Fig.: 2 Setting the generated parameters

Then Select Format CSV and Metric Units and confirm the choice.

Generate an Assembly Drawings file in an Altium Designer design environment:

Fig.: 1 File -> Assembly Outputs -> Assembly Drawings

Check that the marking position does not overlap and is easy to read. Next check that the components with polarity are marked and confirm the choice. Done!

Generate the Bill of material in the Altium Designer environment: 1) Open a project. 2) Go to the scheme and select Reports -> Bill of Materials from the top bar. 3) In the dialog box, select the columns that are marked in Fig.:1. Comment, Description, Designator, Footprint, Manufacturer, Manufacturer PN, Quantity and Value.

Select DNP (Do-not-populate) the components you wish not to assembly.

Additional options: change the variant that you defined in advance.

Fig.: 1 Generating the Bill of material


Solder paste applied by dispenser

The dispenser is used to apply a specific amount of soldering paste or glue to the PCB. This method is suitable for simpler PCB with cases up to 0805.


Laser-cut stencil ensures accurate and repeatable applying of the paste on PCB. The maximum frame size is 320x580 mm. You can download the frame template in PDF format for our machine. Gerber file frame template can be also sent to you.

Solder paste applied through the stencil

The paste applied through the stencil accurately replicates the size of the pad and reliably apply various complex images. Recommended for 0201 0402 0603, QFP TQFP LQFP BGA UBGA cases.


Possible options for supplying components for PCB assembly:

  1. all components are provided by client,
  2. all components are provided by us,
  3. cooperation – part of the components is provided by client and the rest by us.
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