HHES works closely with the customer and try to apply all requirements in the best possible way and suggest possible solutions.

Our services:

  • Meetings with the client
  • Analysing and specifying a problem
  • Design solutions
  • Communication of potential solutions with the client
  • Feedback


We have extensive experience in embedded software for electronic devices. During software development, we provide testing versions of software to our client what gives the opportunity to comment and insert his ideas into the final facility.

Our services:

  • Implementation of Linux 
  • Embedded programming of C/C++ electronics
  • Controller tuning 
  • Motor Control algorithm
  • AI Artificial Intelligence, neural networks, object recognition
  • Hardware & Software implementation 
  • Programing microcontroller ARM
  • IOT Internet of things


Similar as with the Software development, we strive to understand customer requirements and provide the best possible solution that takes into account the schedule, budget and final quality of the prototype and final product.

Our services:

  • The concept of interconnection
  • Schematic design and cost optimization
  • Printed circuit board design – PCB Layout
  • Preparation of production documents
  • Assembly and production of prototypes
  • Mass production of products
  • Testing the product according to the standard
  • Functional tests according to customer requirements
  • Product certification

PCB Layout

HHES has a great experience with the design of customer PCBs. From super complex 12-layer printed circuit boards for autopilots to a simple single-layer PCBs for LED lights. For design we have the latest version of Altium designer, which is professional CAD software for PCB design.

Our services:

  • Design from 1 to 20-layer PCB
  • Design of high-speed PCB DDR2, DDR3 and DDR4 memories
  • HDI High density PCB with micro-VIAs
  • Design of PCB for power supplies a high current application.
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